See user activity from your app in Slack

Relay lets you easily pick events from your app and stream them to Slack.
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We believe the most engaging products are delivered by teams that stay intimately close to their users.


Deliver relevant events, at the right frequency, to teammates who’ll value it most

Customize details

Show each event with only the important details.

Set frequency

Set your events to be streamed real-time, hourly, or daily.

Multiple streams

Create multiple streams for teammates in different roles.

Get started in minutes

1 - Add to Slack

Just hit the Add to Slack button and connect us with your team.

2 - Enable with Segment

This will send us your track events from Segment (We're on Segment's free plan).

3 - Create a stream

Now that we have your events, simply pick the Slack channel where you want to see them.

3 - Configure your stream

Now that we have your events, simply pick your Slack channel and events to stream.

4 - Enjoy your activity stream

Your selected events will stream in your Slack channel, available for your whole team.


Get Relay FREE forever. Upgrade or downgrade anytime with no commitment.

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100 messages/mo

Unlimited streams

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500 messages/mo

Unlimited streams

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5,000 messages/mo

Unlimited streams

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Unlimited messages

Unlimited streams

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